Curb Appeal: Ideas to Make Your Storage Property Standout

When it comes to curb appeal, sometimes all it takes is a slap of paint and a little creativity. Some of us just have an eye for it, while others may need a little inspiration to get the ideas flowing. You’d be surprised at what a difference even inexpensive changes can make to the curb appeal of your storage property. Aside from the obvious — landscaping, pulling weeds, paint, and general clean up — here is a roundup of curb appeal ideas that just about anyone can do!


  1. Address Planter: Make sure that your property address is promptly display and easy to see from all angles from the road. The last thing you want is for a customer to have to hunt to find your property. Yet how simple it would be to incorporate your address into the flower bed in front of your property.
  2. Mail Box Makeover: The mailbox is literally the first impression of your facility, and because it is so small, it could be as simple as an afternoon project to get it looking like it came straight out of a magazine.
  3. Create a Walk way: Even something as simple as placing a few pieces of slate down to create a pathway can make your property seem so much more inviting.
  4. Camouflage an Eyesore: Leave it to that huge electrical box, piping, and wires to ruin the aesthetics of your property. Paint anything that stands out the same color as your buildings and they are a lot less noticeable and painful on the eyes. You could also paint other things on the property the same color as your landscape and surroundings to help them blend in.
  5. Hide any air conditioning and heating units: It serves it purpose, but it’s not something anyone wants to look at. I really like the little lattice fence idea, and you might only need just one small side of paneling depending on where the units are located. Or, maybe even a really large, potted bushy plant instead?
  6. Keep the Trash Bins Hidden: When a big, ugly trash cans or dumpster are visible from the street, sometimes open with trash bags peeking out of the top. If you are forced to keep your trash where it can easily be seen from the street (or from anywhere really), put up a small fence, or perhaps even build (or buy) a garbage can storage shed. I think even a few lattice panels would do the job.

There are so many more little things that you can do around your property. Remember you only get 10 seconds to make a first and lasting impression!  Make your property stand out from all the rest and have that new potential customer remember your Property and the place they want to store their precious belongings.


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